The Son of Nepal (The Sons of Thunder Book 1)

Aliqxis fears for her people. Teki, the Origin of Evil, would love to convince the Great Spirit Soburin of the sins of Aliqxis’ people and to be allowed to punish them with pain, misery and destruction. Hearing Aliqxis’ pleas, the Soburin creates a judge with supernatural powers judge the evil spirit in human beings to punish evil individuals before Teki can bring a petition before him for their destruction. The chosen judge must be someone of extraordinary compassion, a clear sense of right and wrong and a single minded desire to see right prevail. He must realize that justice and compassion are neither mutually exclusive nor mutually compatible concepts; and that both must be administered with care.
Thus begins the story of Johannan, the childhood friend and playmate of blind Ayushi. Both children have been chosen to be a part of the eventual salvation of their people. Motivated by love for Ayushi and compassion for her blindness, Johannan begins a journey across Nepal, Tibet and China; a journey of thousands of miles, hardships and dangers, to find a great spirit rumored to be living in the Gobi Desert. The story focuses on Johannan’s single-minded commitment to heal Ayushi that gives him the strength to overcome incredible odds, and to overcome guilt at leaving his mother and his friends for a pursuit that maybe fruitless. Is Johannan’s sacrifice rewarded? You’ll have to read it to see, but you won’t be disappointed.

“The Son of Nepal” is a fable of good-v-evil, justice, compassion, faith and of divine intervention and judgment. It is exceptionally well written with human characters, none of which are all good, or all evil. The prose is excellent, almost poetic, with practically no editing or proofreading errors. It foretells a series of books, “Sons of Thunder” establishing the identity of the White Haired Wanderer of Asia; a character that should appeal to fantasy readers and those of spiritual bent alike. Exactly who is he and where did he come from? You’ll need to read it to know.