On the Beach by Steve Schmale

Steve Schmale's book has great characters and he doesn't disappoint! You really get to know them. The descriptions are amazing and put you right there in this little beach town in California. Just when you want to choke Lenny Decker, the protagonist, he surprises you......
Ending is perfect!!

Book teaser:
Twenty-something Lenny Decker is a man of few plans, and he seems to like it that way. Bumming around a sleepy California beach town, Lenny appears to live a life of Zen-like slacker simplicity. His days and nights are a seemingly endless loop of visits to the local bar and pick-up basketball games, punctuated by long stretches in his apartment with only a twelve pack, a bong, and a TV of questionable quality for company.

But Lenny has a thing or two to deal with: a near brush with success in his past has left him running for the comfort of a life where the stakes aren't just low, they're non-existent. Then there's the woman who sees past Lenny's stoned exterior and is challenging him in ways he hasn't been tested in years.