Doubt (Among Us Trilogy)

I have just read an amazing new book, "Doubt". It is book 1 of the Among Us Trilogy. It is a #MustRead for all young adults and fans who love shows like J.J. Abrams’ Fringe and read books like Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones. You got to check out the book during the book launch.

“Doubt” mashes fringe science, corporate espionage and paranormal encounters to catapult you into an out-of-this-world experience.
Young Adult | New Adult | Paranormal | Science Fiction | Urban Fantasy | Dystopia | Apocalyptic Thriller

Former child prodigies, Harry Doubt and Cristal Hernandez, tech geeks addicted to the online game Truth Seekers, decide to take their game offline, with the help of other gamers, to find the truth behind their missing loved ones’ mysterious disappearances. What they uncover inadvertently triggers a chain of events causing the beginning of the end of the world as they know it.

I loved the intrigue of this book and how it kept me guessing. It was a very easy read with well drawn characters that I cared about. So much of the time with books like this there's not enough attention put into character details, but I liked the little touches here. I also thought there was just enough twists to keep things lively. I was a big fan of the tv show Fringe and how it combined a number of genres and elements, and this book did it as well.