BURN’S WORLD – A Modern-day Love Triangle

Are you always thinking of your ex?
Having trouble getting over them even though they’ve moved on and you’re in another relationship?
Do you find yourself checking them out on Facebook?
You’re not alone. Burn had the same problem.

Series Description:
When the school star athlete, blue-eyed, blonde haired, Brody McGraw asks her out, Burn can hardly believe her luck. 
In record time they start dating and she is thrilled when she can finally change her Facebook profile status to ‘In a relationship’. 
However, Brody’s mother has huge political plans for her family and she makes it clear, they do not include someone with Burn’s color. 
When Burn suffers a severe bout of self-loathing because of Dawn McGraw’s words, she is forced to make a decision that will break her heart. 
Enter Trojan Catrell, a thug and an enemy of Brody McGraw. He wants what Brody has and he pursues Burn. 
Since she hankers after Brody McGraw, Burn’s not interested. 
However, Trojan has no intention of taking no for an answer and a long triangle that lasts for years ensues. 
Burn’s World is a modern-day love triangle.
“This story has it all, mystery, laughter, sadness, and triumph! There were moments when I cried, then two seconds later I'm rolling on the floor laughing! I loved every moment!” Amazon.com Reviewer
“It was hard to turn off my Kindle and go to sleep or get anything else done as I just wanted to keep reading. I have read a few books written by this author and this series is one of my favorites.” Amazon.com Reviewer
“Eve rabi is a great author her books keep you on the edge of your seat!!! must read.” Amazon.com Reviewer

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He’s waiting for me when I step of the Pizzeria. I hurry to him. “Thanks for agreeing to meet me,” I say, realizing that my nervousness is making me sound stiff and formal.
“Thank you for the flowers and bunny rabbit,” I say. “It was nice.”
“You’re welcome, shawty.” He gestures for us to walk. “So, when are you taking me to dinner?”
I smile. “Look, um …” I play with my hair and look at the floor. How the hell do I say this? I take a deep breath and look up at him.
“Trojan, I need you to call off your hit on Brody McGraw.”
He stops walking. “What?!” His surprise seems genuine.
How else could I have said it? Had to be direct.
“That’s what you called me here for? To ask me that?”
My courage dips. “Eh, y …yes.”
He folds his arms across his chest. “Why?” Okay, so he hasn’t denied there is a hit on Brody.
I ignore the irritation in his voice. “Because.”
He stops walking. “That ain’t an answer. That’s a word.”
I nod and scan my brain for a reason. “Because … I … I …” I shrug. “Guess I care about him.”
“You said you were done with him.” His voice is accusing.
“Yeah, but I still care about him.”
“You mean you’re in love with him?”
“Eh …”
His eyes scan my face, making me shift in my hi-tops. “I take that as a yes.” His voice is filled with disappointment.
We walk again.
“Can you call it off?” I ask, eager to change the subject.
He stops walking and turns to me. “Hey, I dunno nothing about no hits, and you may be wired for all I care, but … my question is … what’s in it for me?”
“Waddyamean wired?” My eyes grow huge and I drop my voice. “Oh, you mean like the FBI listening in and stuff? That’s so cool.”
He frowns, then waves dismissively in a forget-I-said-that sort of way. “What’s in it for … me?”
“For you?” I shrug. “Like …?”
“First rule of business – gotta be a win-win situation, know what I’m saying?”
“Eh, well, I don’t have a business and I don’t have much to give you. How much are you wanting?”
“I don’t want your money!” His tone is scoffing.
“Oh, okay.” I scratch my head and look at him. Maybe I should talk about me changing my story about the gun incident? “There’s nothing else I can give you that you’d …”
I want you.” His voice is almost a whisper.
I look at him with huge eyes. “I’m seventeen!” I blurt.
He shrugs.
I frown. “I …I don’t do shit like that. Ever.”
I shake my head.
“How come?” His tone tells me he doesn’t believe me.
My turn to shrug. “I’m doing it right. I’m waiting for the right guy before I give it up.”
His eyes turn to slits.
“And I want to be eighteen when it happens.”
“You serious?”
“Not even for white boy?”
“Not even for white boy.”
He folds his arms across his chest. “Don’t know if I believe you. I mean, you’re here asking me to save your boy, but you tell me that you haven’t given it up to him as yet, even though you …?”
“Love him? Yes. But I guess he doesn’t want to go to jail either.” I take a deep breath and cover my eyes with my hand. “Can we talk about something else? I’m getting really awkward here.”
He smiles.
“Back to your question – seriously, what do you want from me in return?”
“That.” Again, his voice is soft but serious.
I peer at him in disbelief. He wants my virginity? Is he fucking nuts? “I told you, I’m seventeen. You’ll go to prison and a pretty boy like you will get lots of sex there.”
He smiles.
“I’ll wait till you’re eighteen.” His voice is way too serious for my liking.
I stare at him, flabbergasted by this whole conversation. “That is the most indecent proposal I have ever heard …” I turn away from him then turn back to him. “It’s crazy. It’s absolutely crazy!”
My rant does not faze him. “That and three dinner dates with you.”
My jaw drops.
“Since I have to wait six months for my payment, it will be a ‘meanwhile’ scenario.”
“I …I …” This is so fucked up. “Why me? I mean, there are so many other girls around who are more experienced …”
“Cos you’re white boy’s girl. I want … what he has.”
“Because I’m … “I shake my head in disgust. “That is really fucked up, Dreads. It really is.”
“Maybe. But it is what it is, know what I’m saying?”
Of course I know what he’s saying. “And if I say no?”
He runs his hand slowly over his face, then locks eyes with me. “Then we have no deal.”
I stare at the ground as his words wash over me. “You’ll wait six months?”
“I’ll wait six months.”
End of Excerpt