The Legend of Stratus Janice

Hello fellow booklovers! Check out The legend of Stratus Janice by Jamel Paul.

Stratus Janice is an action-packed children's book complete with beautiful illustrations (some of the most gorgeous drawings I have ever seen in a children's book), a race with dangerous obstacles, and compelling characters.

Meet Stratus Janice, air racer extraordinaire! Often known as "Sassy 70" for scoring first place in her first ICC (International Cloud Crowd) Arial Competition, Janice competes against the world's best pilots as they demonstrate their speed, precision, and skill in a fierce acrobatic race to glory. However, the villainous Felony Fox doesn't play by the rules and is out to sabotage all who stand in her way.

Janice herself is determined to win the International Cloud Crowd (ICC) Aerial Competition, and her competitors are fierce. She has a good friend named Lagomora McGears who is entered in the race, and they must remember to view one another as rivals instead of friends. Felony Fox is an arrogant racer who is always up to no good, and feels as though she deserves to win the race every time she competes.
The characters are strong, and Stratus Janice makes a great hero for the story. She knows of the challenges that she will face in the upcoming race, but doesn't let any fear show through. Instead, she is absolutely determined to compete and win.

This story was a lot of fun to read, and I found myself getting involved with the characters and enjoying the action of the race.

About the Author
Jamel Paul was raised in Brooklyn, NY, whose first short detective fiction story was published in the Black Star News (The Case of the Joker’s Wild, 1997). He has a wife, daughter, and a demanding finicky cat named Bobo.