Frontier Incursion

Frontier Incursion by the amazing Author, Leonie Rogers was a great find and an enjoyable read. I really liked reading it a lot! The book stars Shanna and her brother, Kaiden. She is a teenager who has decided to become part of the Scouts, an organization whose purpose is to explore the uncharted territories of their planet. She has grown up training Starcats, the gorgeous colorful panther like creatures, who are the permanent companions of each Scout. 

For Shanna, joining the Scout Corps had been a dream come true. The Scouts were charged with expanding their knowledge of Frontier, a hostile planet their ancestors had crashlanded on 300 years before. As the youngest in her class, Shanna struggles to find acceptance and respect amongst her older peers - a task made more difficult by the fact that she has not just one, but two of the colonists' huge feline companions, their starcats.

On a routine patrol, she and the other cadets are swept up in the greatest challenge yet to be faced by the settlers of Frontier. Now they find themselves on the very frontline of a war they knew nothing about, and possibly the Federation of Race's last chance against the hostile Garsal. Suddenly their world has changed, and in ways never dreamed of by Shanna and her fellow scouts.